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Our Breakthrough Fibromyalgia Program

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We have to look at all of the straws on the camel’s back in this situation.  If it was just one thing we are dealing with, such as pain, the issue would be relatively easy to solve.  Where many health care practitioners go wrong with fibromyalgia, is not understanding that the expressed pain is simply an alarm, a symptom of a greater issue.  It is not the cause of the problem and therefore doesn’t go away by simply masking it.  If it does go away, it is only for a short term as the person slowly habituates to the masking and the symptoms slowly return.

Now if we focus on the several issues that are beating you down and correct them, guess what happens.  Symptom resolution.  Amazing!

Now you need someone who will look at ALL of these areas and address them.  Unfortunately the medical model is not built this way.  Rarely do we see a group of specialists working closely together for the betterment of the patient.  Dr. Miller has developed a program to look at the neurological, orthopedic and metabolic sides of things to hit as many of the nails on the head as possible.  Looking at as much of the picture as possible to successfully help people get their lives back.